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We propose that yourself create and design the trip of your dreams to Peru, we have created this form to gather information, and for you to be the designer of your experience. Perhaps, the trips that we offer you on the web, are not what you are looking for, or maybe you have fewer days of travel and need help to organize everything. In this form of "Design your trip" you can indicate what you want and tell us how you would like to travel, the places you like to see, where you want to go, and we will put all our effort to make your trip unforgettable.

Designing your own trip does not mean that the price will increase compared to what you see on our website, is just a way to gather as much information as possible to propose an itinerary for you.

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It is not necessary to fill in all the information on this form, but the more we know about you, the better we will serve you.

If you've already thought about what places you want to visit, let us know:

So you have an idea, these are some of the most popular destinations in Peru:

Cusco           Lima           Arequipa           Puno           Ica-Nazca          

Tell us what kind of experiences you are looking for when you travel:

Programming schedule:

Tell us when would you like to travel and how many days of travel you have. If you tell us where you are travelling, we will inform you all the international flight offers. (Approximate dates, available days, from where do you travel?)

If you already booked your international flight, we would grateful if you would send us this information so that we can adapt the itinerary to your flights.


Please write what type of accommodation you are looking for:

Prefer guides that speak:

Spanish           English           Both          

How many people would you travel and what ages do they have?:

Our tours and web offers are examples of travel, but WE ARE FLEXIBLE. If you indicate the budget you have planned for this trip we can send you proposals that fit your pocket.

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