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Latin Tours Terms and Conditions

The websites www.perutravels.us belong to Latin Tours I.N.C, a society with domicile in 4459 Central Ave. Charlotte N.C.

Latin Tours offers the utilization of the WEBSITES, conditioned by acceptation without modification by the user (henceforth referred to as USER) of the following General Terms and Conditions. The user expressly accepts the full adhesion, without exception, of each and every of the General Terms and Conditions of Latin Tours.

If the USER does not agree to the General Terms and Conditions, they do not have the right to use the WEBSITE of LATIN TOURS. The user declares that he is of legal age and has the legal capacity to acquire the services offered through the LATIN TOURS WEBSITE. In addition, the user declares that all the personal information provided by them in order to access this website and during the use of the website is correct, complete, and precise.

Booking of products and services through the website
Through the website, the user has access to information about third-party products and services related to travel and tourism. In some cases, it is possible to make bookings and reservations of some of these products and services from the corresponding providers or tour operators.

The sale of travel services as well as other products and touristic services will be carried out by Latin Tours, a travel agency which holds the necessary permits and licenses to carry out its activity.

Any bookings or acquisitions of products or services by providers or combined travel organizers are subject to the terms and conditions, which these providers or tour operators establish in each case. The user declares that he will accept and respect any terms and conditions established by any provider or tour operator whose services the USER wishes to book, including but not limited to payment of amounts accrued and the conformity with any rules and restrictions in terms of the availability of tariffs, products or services. Should there be any special rules or restrictions which affect the tariffs, products or services selected by the USER; these will be shown on the screen during the booking process.
The elaboration and updating of any information relating to offers, products or services, routes, distances, timetables, properties or any other data and information relevant to the products and services offered through the WEBSITE, corresponds to the respective product and service providers or tour operators. Latin Tours shall not be responsible for maintaining, revising, supervising or updating this information, nor does it have the possibility of verifying its truthfulness, accuracy or completeness nor whether is it up to date.

Special Terms and Conditions for Services
Latin Tours, as travel agency, acts as an intermediary between its clients and Tour Operators. It is the Tour Operators themselves which establish the rules and regulations that affect the tours booked by our users.

Bear in mind that some Tour Operators reserve the right to cancel total o partially, we suggest you contact Latin Tours 48 hours before the departure.

Service Fees
Latin Tours charges a service fee per passenger as well as a fee for credit card payments. This fee is not refundable under any circumstances, and is independent of the rate selected by the user. In case of modifications on behalf of the client, wherever the tariffs allow, administrative fees may arise.

Modifications, Cancellations, Refunds and Reissues
Wherever the tour Operator and the selected Tour allow for modifications, cancellations, refunds or voluntary reissue by request of the user, Latin Tours will charge an additional administrative fee to be added to the fees established by the corresponding airline.

•10% of the deposit per passenger for changes or cancellations.

In any such case it is the sole responsibility of the user to request any modifications, cancellations, refunds or voluntary reissue by contacting the Tour Operator directly, during its opening hours. They will then be informed about the possibility of granting their request and about any possible fees or administrative steps.

Any modification or cancellation request must be made in writing through our contact form.

Important: Name changes of passengers are not allowed by Tour Operators. Should you need to change names and surnames on your booking, you will have to cancel the completed booking and get a Tour refund (should your Tour allow it). For this reason, please pay special attention to the spelling of any passenger names and surnames while filling in your booking forms. These must correspond to the names on your travel documents which have to be presented at the airport on the day of your flight.

Tariff Restrictions
Most Tours tariffs do not allow for modifications or cancellations, and you will not be granted refunds in such cases. This means that a Reservation form may not be used for a different purpose than that which it was bought for. This includes any attempt to use only part of the Tour.

Reconfirmation of tours and flights schedules
Passengers must reconfirm their tour and flights schedule, at least, 48 hours before the flight takes off calling our support service.

As airlines can modify, re-program or even cancel their flights, customers will be ones responsible to make this flight reconfirmation.

Although Latin Tours counts with automatic systems for the involuntary changes, passenger exempt Latin Tours from the derivative liability from involuntary changes suffered in their bookings.

Form of Payment
Latin Tours accepts the following credit and debit cards: Visa, Master Card, American Express, and PayPal. All payments are made securely and the data is encrypted for your total security.

Credit and Debit Card Limits
Most financial institutions establish a daily purchase limits on credit and debit cards for security reasons. This purchase limit is independent of the credit or balance remaining on your card. Most of the time, your credit or debit card will be charged the total amount in two different transactions. One charge will be made by Latin Tours INC, for any service charges and/or insurance packages, and a separate charge will be made by the airline by which your tickets are issued. Within 24 hours after making the booking, you will receive an e-mail detailing the result of the payment process and the itinerary issued.
In order to avoid inconveniences related to the payment of your booking, it is recommended to contact your financial institution and to make sure that your card is eligible for the payment of the total amount. In any case, any incidents related to the payment method are the responsibility of the user.

Third-party Bookings
Latin Tours Inc. reserves the right to request additional documentation in order to verify the veracity of the purchase and to make sure that the payment is authorized by the card holder. In some cases, Latin Tours Inc. may request payment via the secure payment platforms Verified by Visa, MasterCard Secure Code, or via bank transfer.

Requesting Invoices
In order to request an invoice, please contact us indicating the required tax information (name, address, tax no. etc.).

Contractual Conditions for the Transport of Passengers and Baggage

We would like to inform any passengers who book trips where the destination or one or more stopovers are in a country other than that of the airport of departure of their flight that international treaties, may apply to your trip as a whole including the part of it which is in the same country. In this case, the applicable treaties, including special transport conditions incorporated in any applicable tariff, govern and may limit the carrier’s responsibility.

Special Terms and Conditions for Hotels and Accommodation
Latin Tours, as a travel agency, acts as an intermediary between its clients and wholesale hotel operators. It is these operators, and the accommodation providers, who establish any rules and regulations relating to your stay in the accommodation booked, and they are the responsible parties for the provision of the services booked with us.

In case of voluntary cancellation or modification of the booking by the user, Latin Tours will charge non-refundable administrative fees. Additionally, any cancellation or modification of a booking may be subject to fees established by the wholesale operator or the accommodation provider, which may vary according to the time of cancellation, individual dates, accommodation providers, and destinations, among other things.

Additional Information
In order to make bookings on our websites, users will have to provide information to identify passenger/traveller data and the method of payment. This is done in various steps. Once the information is submitted, before completing your purchase, you will be presented with an overview of the submitted information, in order to double-check it and be able to complete your purchase. Additionally, once your purchase is completed, you will receive a confirmation email which includes all relevant information as well as proof of payment.

It is of utmost importance, and the sole responsibility of the user, to carefully check that all personal information, e.g. Name and Surname, ID, email address, telephone number etc. is correct before confirming any purchase.

Once tickets or vouchers have been issued, any kind of modification or cancellation is subject to fees and additional charges. Any bookings and therefore, purchases, are considered confirmed only as soon as the websites show the confirmation page with the corresponding booking code, a copy of the booking confirmation and proof of payment has been sent to the email address provided by the user, and Latin Tours has successfully charged the provided credit or debit card, or has successfully received money transfers or deposits of the corresponding amount.

Unless all of the above conditions are fulfilled, bookings may be cancelled by Latin Tours Inc. at any time.

Latin Tours Inc. reserves the right to ask the client to provide additional information to verify their purchase. By making a booking, the client agrees to authorize charging the credit or debit card provided by him/her during the booking process with the corresponding total amount. Should it not be possible to process the credit or debit card payment (transaction refused), clients must be aware that their booking may be cancelled by Tour Operator and/or the service provider.

The payment for Tour bookings is processed by credit or debit card before Itinerary is issued.

All prices listed on our websites include taxes. They do not include costs for visas, or any applicable departure taxes in a given territory, which may be paid in local currency or in U.S. Dollars in this territory. Any Price variations applicable because of delayed payment of a client’s booking from the moment of reservation until the moment an Itinerary is issued are to be carried by the client.

Latin Tours respects your privacy rights. We understand the importance of privacy and security of your personal data. To this purpose, and in relation with our confidentiality policy, we would like to inform you about the following:

On purchasing product or booking services through our website, you will have to provide your name, email address, credit or debit card number and expiry date, and telephone number. This information is necessary to process your booking and to keep you informed about the state of the latter.

If you participate in some kind of sweepstake or promotional offer, we will ask you for your name, your postal address, and your email address. This information is required for the organization of the sweepstake and to inform the winners. Your private data will not be passed on to any third party outside of our organization. It is possible, however, that Latin Tours will pass on this data to third parties with which it maintains commercial relationships, if your reserve or purchase products or services through our website. These third parties may reside anywhere in the world. We may also pass on to these third parties some global statistics about our sales, clients, data traffic and other information related to the website, but these statistics do not include any information which may be used to identify you personally.

We limit ourselves to collecting and processing data which we think is necessary in order to provide high-quality personalized services, including consulting services and information about our products and service, as well as any kinds of opportunities which we believe will be of advantage to our clients.

By registering with Latin Tours and opting in to receiving our newsletters, the user also accepts the possibility of receiving useful information from any companies which we have previously selected and which may send you special offers, promotions, and recommendations about products and services which we believe will be of interest to you.

We will pass on all required information to the provider selected by you during the booking process on our website, and we will ask them to comply with the same regulations.

At the same time, we follow strict security procedures related to data storage and display in order to avoid unauthorized access.

Use of Cookies
Cookies are fragments of information, which are saved by your web browser on the hard drive of your computer. Every time you visit the www.perutravels.us website, our server will recognize your cookie and provide us with information about your last visit. The majority of web browsers accept cookies automatically, but it is usually possible to disable them. Even if you prefer to disable cookies, you will still be able to use most of the services on our website, including the booking of products and services.

If at any moment you would like to send us a comment or complaint about the way in which we use your personal data, just send an e-mail.

Data Protection
Any personal data submitted by the user for use on the website are subject to the privacy policy contained in “Data Protection”.

Author’s Rights and Intellectual Property
All contents of the Latin Tours (including texts, trademarks, designs, software etc.) are the property of Latin Tours and its content providers. They are protected and recognized on a national and international level. Any reproduction, use or distribution without the explicit consent of Latin Tours is strictly forbidden.

Use of the Websites
The websites are exclusively designed for personal use by our clients. Any modification, reproduction, duplication, copying, distribution, sale, resale or any other forms of commercial or non-commercial exploitation are strictly forbidden. By using the websites, you agree not to use them for illegal or prohibited purposes.

Web Browser and Operating System
Our websites are optimized to be viewed using Internet Explorer on the Windows platform. Latin Tours may not be held responsible for results obtained while using different web browsers or operating systems.

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